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  • Our Moorti Art Creations Match Your Imaginations
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Order Processing

How do I place an order?

Ordering from PMMA is easy! Once you find an item you would like to purchase, simply click on whatsapp icon or click on enquiry form. There is no (Minimum Order Quantity), you can order us by one piece to all items. Also, you can order us manually by email them at panditmarblemoortiarts@gmail.com. After sending the order details, a person from the concerned department will create a quotation with final product Cost, Shipping cost, Delivery lead time, Payment method and other required information as per your request and email you within 24 hours. After agreeing on the details provided, you'll make the transfer by any of the mentioned methods, as per your convenience.

Each quotation will have “ unique number” of it which helps you to makes the transfer & check further status of your order

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Your order request is instantly transferred to our fulfillment Department. Thus, it's generally not possible to cancel or modify an order once it has been submitted. Still, if your order has not yet been packed and you need to cancel or modify it, please contact us at panditmarblemoortiarts@gmail.com and we will determine if it will be possible to halt the fulfillment of the order. Please note that no order may be canceled or modified once it has been packed. In those cases, you may follow the return instructions if you decide not to keep the product after having entered it.